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About Our Stock Photo Pricing

Rights Managed Photos - Our Competitive Pricing Policy

We are committed to offering high quality rights-managed photos at predictable and competitive rates. Our pricing structure is based on current industry rates and minimums required to cover our cost of business. However, stock photography prices vary widely across the industry, and differences could be experienced due to how your intended usage is communicated to or interpreted by various agencies.

In maintaining our commitment, we encourage you to compare our rights-managed stock photo prices to that of other stock photo agencies and providers. When doing this, it is important that you be consistent in how you communicate your intended usage to all image providers. If you feel our rates are unreasonable or inconsistent with the industry, we will gladly consider adjusting our price or matching a reasonable price that is currently published by another quality image provider.

Please note that we will consider the above only if: 1) We can cover our minimum cost of business at a given price; 2) the competitor's rate is not for royalty-free rights; 3) the competitor is not an amateur or "semi-pro" who is advertising grossly under-priced images; 4) the price is verifiable; and 5) the comparison is reasonably equivalent in terms of image quality and rights offered.

Please be reasonable when utilizing this policy. We cannot provide our services at a loss, and this is not an offer to match the lowest bid. We also have a responsibility to protect the value and integrity of images that have been purchased at a fair market price by others. This policy is simply a method of ensuring that you receive a great image for a fair price.

Rights Managed Stock Photo Pricing

A rights managed stock photo is a high quality photograph that is licensed for a specific use. The license fee is calculated according to several factors, including size, placement, press run, duration of use, exclusivity requirements and geographic distribution. Rights-managed images on this site can be identified by the "Rights Managed" notation located below respective photos. Learn more about rights-managed stock photos.

Royalty Free Stock Photo Pricing

You pay only once for a royalty-free photo, which can be used by the licensee for multiple projects over an unlimited period of time. Rates are based solely on image size. Royalty-free images can be easily identified by the "Royalty-Free" notation located below respective photos, and prices are located on the page featuring the large image and details. Learn more about royalty-free stock photos.

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